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Treatment Abroad Scheme

This scheme allows public patients who require treatments that are available in the public healthcare system in the Irish Republic to access these treatments in another EU country.

Please note that the following should only be considered as guidelines. If you wish to proceed ,using the cross border directive, then you need to check with the hospital and the HSE with regards to price and re embursement.


MRI scans cost £250 in Ballykelly
the HSE will refund €130

they cost £164-£204 in Ballykelly 
the HSE will refund €130
please note the HSE will only refund one scan per day
The general principles are :

This scheme is available for all patients- patients with medical cards/doctor visit cards and private patients.

If you have been referred by a G.P. to see a consultant(publicaly) or have seen a consultant and are awaiting a procedure( as a public patient) then you are covered by the scheme.

The HSE will pay a certain amount towards the cost. How this works is that the HSE decide how much the procedure costs in Ireland and they will pay up to this amount if you have the procedure done abroad. 

If your procedure requires you to stay in hospital , you will need to get prior approval from the HSE for the proceedure.
If your procedure does not involve an overnight stay in hospital , then you do not require prior approval .

If you are eligible for the scheme, you pay to provider abroad for  the procedure and then claim the money back from the HSE.

If you chose to access this scheme, it is important to check with the HSE that you are covered by it before you proceed. We make every effort to make the information as accurate as possible but it is your responsibility to check if you are covered by the scheme.

Examples :

an appointment with a consultant - the HSE will refund up to €130 

if your child has been seen by the school dentist and has been referred for braces , the HSE will refund up to a maximum of €2,200 for treatment abroad.

if you are waiting for Physiotherapy (publicly) , you may be eligible for a partial refund 

other examples are if you are waiting a hip replacement or cataract surgery 

for further information on this scheme please click on the following links:



If you think you maybe eligible for this scheme, please contact the HSE at the following address to check if you are :

National Contact Point, Cross-Border Healthcare Directive Department, HSE, St Canice's Hospital, Dublin Road, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 778 4546/4547/4556


To download the application form from HSE please click here

The Following hospitals in Northern Ireland provide procedures for patients under this scheme:

Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Belfast. Click link here to access website

Northwest independent Hospital, Ballykelly -04877763090 and ask for Appointments.

How to access the scheme:

If you are waiting for any hospital procedure or appointments with any hospital or community service, contact the National contact the National contact Point(Tel: 056 778 4546/4547/4556 or Email:

They will let you know if you are eligible for the scheme and how much you will get back from the HSE.

if you are eligible , then contact the hospital or service directly and they will take it from there .

Financial : We understand that some credit unions are offering bridging loans to cover the cost of the procedure. 

 Examples of how people have used the scheme:
if a school dentist has recommended braces, people have gone to orthodontists in the North to get them and have gotten money back from the HSE.
Tonsillectomy/ grommets :
These operations are done in both hospitals (Ballykelly and Kingsbridge in Belfast).
Paediatric outpatients - available at both hospitals.

Both Ballykelly and Kingsbridge hospital have a wide selection of consultants , including dermatology( for skin conditions) surgeons( for operations including gallbladder removal hernia repairs) Orthopedic surgeons for hip replacements)
Cardiologists for heart conditions .
Other specialists can be viewed on their website.

If you are interested in this scheme, we would suggest contact the HSE first to see if you are covered under the scheme and how much you can expect to get back from the HSE after the procedure or consultation.
We would suggest you contact both hospitals and ask how much the procedure would cost( Both hospitals have fixed prices for services and are happy to tell you over the phone how much for the operation etc).